Focus on Response and Education to Stay Healthy

Meet Our Board

Our CHILL Board is a group of motivated members who seek to serve their community in a new capacity. Each year, members apply to be a part of the board and lead their fellow CHILL members in activities and discussions to enact change.

Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith is in her second year of CHILL and is a junior at Franklin County High School. Her favorite thing in life is to see people smile!

Adrianna Dudley

Adrianna Dudley is a second-year CHILL member and a sophomore at FCHS. Her favorite thing to do is help others..

Keely Barkovich

Keely Barkovich is a third-year CHILL member and an FCHS senior. She enjoys making an impact in her community and working towards improving the lives of others..

Emma Walker

Emma is a junior entering her third year in CHILL. She loves being active in her community and helping others!.

Jaden Bernard

Jaden Bernard is a third-year CHILL member and a senior at FCHS. She has loved being able to impact her community through CHILL, and says that seeing everything coming together and smiling because of CHILL’s work is such a fulfilling experience.

Britney Womack

Britney is a second-year CHILL member and a junior at FCHS. She enjoys seeing others around her be happy and helping out in her community..

Alexis Mills

Ashleynn Haigler