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Focus on Response and Education to Stay Healthy

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Mission Statement

FRESH is a coalition focused on changing behaviors and attitudes to prevent substance abuse amoung youth and families in Franklin County.

Vision Statement

Empowering our community to make health choices!

FRESH, Focus on Response and Education to Stay Healthy

FRESH, empowers the community to make healthy choices through advocacy, outreach, education and prevention.

Interested in joining FRESH coalition, follow these steps:

  • Be an individual or an organization that is passionate about substance abuse prevention and youth development.
  • Email the FRESH Coalition Coordinator, Samantha Seay by clicking GET STARTED NOW
  • Wait to receive email confirmation from Samantha Seay that you have been added to the email list.
  • Come to the monthly meetings and participate in virtual activities and community events!



How to Join CHILL

If you are interested in joining CHILL youth coalitions, follow these steps
  • Be a student at Franklin County High School that is passionate about living a healthy, substance-free lifestyle and being willing to advocate for substance use prevention among their youth and their community.
  • Look for information about the CHILL application process that will be shared with students in the high school at the beginning of each Spring Semester.
  • When the application timeline opens, fill out the Chill application! You will need to fill out the actual application as well as have teacher recommendation ready to add to your application.
  • You will receive an email (make sure you share an email address you use frequently) if you have made it successfully to the interview process.
  • You will then be interviewed by the current CHILL members, CHILL Coordinator (Tony Wright), and/or the FRESH Coalition Coordinator.
  • If you are identified as a great candidate for the CHILL youth coalition, you will receive a congratulations email with more information about the logistics of CHILL.