Franklin County Front Door Project

Focus on Response and Education to Stay Healthy

We are excited to document your amazing family during this challenging time. We hope that this project will inspire positivity for all people living in Franklin County, VA and help them continue to make healthy choices while staying at home. We know it can be tempting to develop negative habits such as using drugs and alcohol to relieve boredom while being at home and possibly having more free time. We want this project to serve as an advocacy project and help families in Franklin County, VA get through these unprecedented times by promoting healthy living while staying at home. 

For the photos, there are two options for you to choose. The first option is for us to come to your house and take your family’s picture from a safe distance. The second option is for you to take a picture of your family (selflie or other method you see fit) participating in a healthy activity at your house. These activities can include but are not limited to cooking, cleaning, walking, gardening, playing board games, and on and on. We just want you to take a picture showcasing the healthy activities you have been doing as a family while staying at home. We ask that you not include any props, materials, clothing, or anything else that will be visible in the picture that may include any type of substance use (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs). If your family would like to hold a sign that promotes a positive quote (ex: “This too shall pass”) to share with the community, we would love to share that. We also welcome any props, etc. that are vacation themed, or other funny themes to promote happiness. Our hashtag for the project will be #staycation , #staysoberfranklincounty, and #stayinghealthyandstayinghome because the summer months are coming up, and we believe it will be a great way to share with the community how your family is enjoying their time at home.

We will be highlighting your family by sharing a short description of how you have been coping with COVID-19 and what strategies and healthy activities your family members have been engaging in while staying home. Please send this short description (2-3 sentences) with the picture for option 1, or before we come take your picture with option 2.

For more information about where to send your picture for option 2, or to schedule a time to take your family’s picture for option 1, please contact Donna Ferguson at